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You can trust these suppliers to provide you with an authentic handbag

The price isn’t always indicative of the quality, you should be suspicious of anyone offering a name brand handbag for too low a price. If the product looks cheap, it probably is. Designer bags are never made from second-rate textile such as plastic or polyester.

5. Coach uses YKK zippers for their handbags, so make sure you look for that tiny detail.

1. Will the website give you a Guarantee of Authenticity for their name brand handbags? If not, then it is better not to buy from these websites. Another way to differentiate a real handbag from a fake one is by visiting the designers’ Web sites or stores to study the details. Also, designer bags are built to last. To give you a better idea of what to look for when purchasing an authentic bag follow the rules below. On Juicy Couture bags, look for the “J” heart shape to be all Plastic basin leather, making sure the leather is not (in which Jimmy Choo is affiliated with) are both legitimate dealers of designer bags. For example, Louis Vuitton bags have “Louis Vuitton Paris, Made in France” stamped on it. The identification numbers embossed onto the inside identification tag of a Coach bag should have the abbreviated “No. If the bag doesn’t exist on the Web site, odds are the seller is trying pass off a fake bag for a real one. Obviously, if you’re getting a Gucci for $50, you can safely assume the bag is a fake. While many fabricators can duplicate a designer’s signature design or stamp, there are ways of telling the bona fide from the fake. But a few authentic designer websites sell last years stock at discount prices. If you’re unsure, don’t buy it keep looking. Name brands handbags are always made up of soft leather or suede which is heavier.

Authentic Designers have high quality control standards. Once you have built a relationship with an authentic designer handbag website then stick with that one.

4. Authentic Designers would never sell a substandard product. They provide the best construction and materials for the money their customers spend.

In conclusion if using eBay feels like too much hard work, other Web sites like eLuxury.,” followed by four numbers.

A good guide is as follows.

Telltale signs of a fake bag include uneven stitching, puckered seams or low-quality material. Fakes have smudged monograms and tend to look gaudy. Fakes are easily mass-produced and are usually shipped from China. Herms bags say “Herms Paris. Designers are big on the packaging of their handbags. No authentic designer bag would have its handles wrapped in plastic or tissue. Fabricators stamp “LV” onto zippers much like a real Louis Vuitton bag but the monograms should be clear and precise.” Coach’s stamp should have raised lettering versus imprinted.

If using eBay, beware of those sellers that have a large quantity of the same type of product. Most designer handbags are handmade one reason why they are more expensive than other handbags. The main trademark of any designer bag is quality. The thread from the stitching should be the same colour as the bag. If taken care of, a designer bag can last a lifetime. But if a cute Prada bag on eBay or the like for example, you may want to do some research before giving $200 (a bargain in terms of Prada merchandise) to an unauthorized seller.

2.There is a huge market for knock-off (run by the company which owns Dior and Vuitton) and net-a-porter. You should also scrutinize the smaller details such as zippers and press studs. The real thing will come with a dust bag and identification card

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